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R.M.X Encryption Protocol

Cyber Military Operations

Video Streaming

Financial Trading Systems

Dubbed "The RMX Protocol" for data compression and encryption, Super-CODEC AI Driven Compression Technology Is a new artificial intelligence driven computer algorithm and compression software matrix, which has already been developed to completion, and ready for full commercial launch.


This new, patented compression technology and software will revolutionize data transit and compression between two and five fold within our current global networking systems, and greater across our world's perpetually expanding 5G network platforms.


There is ZERO (yes, zero) data loss, or corruption upon compression, and it uses a military-grade encryption standard through a never-seen-before, proprietary encryption algorithm – which is virtually impenetrable to hackers and or cybercriminals. 


such a technology is Critical for high data traffic organizations, governments, blockchain-based exchange solution providers, central banks, and treasury departments.


It even has the potential to be applied to stock and bond market trading systems, data aggregate, and high-volume data traffic aggregators such as search engines – data mining, and cloud solution providers, which require lightning speed, efficient data compression.

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